Security Areas

  • Cloud Computing Security and Privacy is being investigated across the boundaries of privacy preserving, secure storage, integrity auditing, encrypted data processing, and secure search. More specifically, we aim to achieve an in-depth understanding of security and privacy challenges in cloud computing. Then, we seek to solve these challenges by designing efficient and practical protocols that can protect the security and privacy of the outsourced data and computation with theoretical guarantees. Besides, we also devote to prototype and open-source our proposed solutions for cloud computing security and privacy.

  • Sensor Network Security is being investigated across the boundaries of key management, coding network security, broadcast communication security, secure sensor data aggregation for sensor networks.

  • Big Data Security mainly focuses on big data security and privacy technologies, anonymous protection and access control.

  • Lattice Cryptography is being investigated across the boundaries of lattice problems, encryption based on lattice, homomorphic signature based on lattice.

  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography mainly focuses on design of new algorithms and techniques for elliptic curve discrete logarithm computation, pursuing significant progress on the ECDLP.

  • Quantum Computing and Cryptography mainly focus on the theory of quantum computing and quantum algorithms, and also quantum cryptography protocols.

Artificial Intelligence Areas

  • Artificial Immune Systems are inspired by the principles and processes of biologic immune systems, which have been applied in many research fields such as computer security, optimization, and anomaly detection.

  • Multi-objective Optimization Problems exist in many engineering and scientific problems, which aim at optimizing multiple objectives simultaneously.

  • Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics explores the role of computational intelligence in certain bioinformatics tasks like microarray data clustering, multiple sequence alignment, protein structure prediction and gene regulatory network reconstruction

  • CPS(Cyber-Physical Systems) mainly focuses on  the basic theory of hybrid systems,  information perception, modeling,  optimization, computing and control, which have been applied in many applications such as robot,  network, internet of things, and cloud computing.

  • Robotics mainly focuses on aerial robot and ground robot, which includes modeling, optimization, robot vision, control, and network cooperation.

last updated:2016/11/30
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