Applications with research experiences in network technology, cloud computing security, network security, information security, evolutionary computing and robotics are always encouraged for post-doctoral positions and faculty positions (Lecturer, Associate Professor and Full Professor).

For post-doctoral positions, we pay minimum 200,000 CNY/pa tax-free (1 US Dollar = 6.1CNY).

Salary details for faculty positions are highlighted below:

  • For lecturers, salaries start from 200,000 up to 250,000 CNY/pa;

  • For associate professorships, salaries start from 250,000 up to 300,000 CNY/pa;

  • For full professorships, salaries start from 300,000 CNY up to 1.2 million CNY/pa, depending on research experiences, track records and potentials.

Details for post-doctoral positions please read the attached file (in Chinese)



Further details are available at the Human Resource WEB site at Shenzhen University:

To apply, send a copy of full CV with list of publications to: Dr. Jianqiang Li (email:

There is no deadline for application, and application is open all the time around the year.


last updated:2016/04/01
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