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  • JianqiangLi, Associated Professor
  • 2008-now: Associated  Professor, Shenzhen University, China
  • 2003: PhD, South China University of Technology, China
  • E-Mail:

 Research Interesting: Robotics, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things.



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[2] Jian-qiang Li, Xia Tao, Hai-long Pei. Simultaneous Localization and Mapping based on Inertial Navigation System and Depth Image Information.. The 10th International Conference on Intelligent Unmanned Systems,2014,9: 1-8.
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[9] Li Jian-qiang, Pei Hai-long, Wang Huipeng. Mixed Integer Programming Control Based on Hybrid Systems and Terminal Constraint by Invariant Sets. Acta Automatica Sinica, 2008,34(9):1203-1208.

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